Network Security Projects Archive

DMZ Network Design with Cisco Routers

Project Scope This project understands how Cisco routers can be used for setting up a DMZ network. The fundamentals of DMZ networking and its need in an enterprise are understood. The mechanism by which Access control lists

Active and Passive FTP Design and Security analysis

Abstract The project does a detailed analysis of the two different types of the FTP protocol, Active and Passive. The design of the protocols, which include the TCP connection establishment on the respective ports,

Access control lists in a VLAN environment.

Abstract The project understands the different types of access control list and the different types on a Cisco IOS firewall like inbound, outbound, standard and extended and how it can be efficiently use to provide access restriction

ICMP address mask request attack demonstration

Abstract: The project performs analysis of ICMP address mask request attack and how to craft the attack. Open source tools like Scapy and Python is used to demonstrate an ICMP address mask request attack on the LAN