Network Testing Course

The Network testing self paced video course teaches how to make custom tools and scripts for network testing and analysis activities. Frameworks and platforms like Python , Scapy, tshark, TCL, Expect is used. The course contains 30 video tutorials of 85 + minutes of duration + 3 ebooks. The details of video tutorials and course contents is provided below.

What you Get – Downloadable material which contains 30 Video Tutorials and 3 Ebooks. Watch the Slides for an overview of the course contents

Sample Videos at end of page

Course kit include (30 video tutorials + 3 Ebooks )

Sample videos below

Total Price – $49

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Click on the add to cart button to buy and download the zip file with 30 video tutorials and 3 ebooks with Paypal or credit card on paypal website

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Sample Videos

Video Tutorial 11

Video Tutorial 8

Video Tutorial 30