Small Business Network Design with Secure E-commerce server

Project Title – Small Business Network Design with Secure E-commerce server

Project Scope

A network has to be designed for a small business organization which has 100 users. The organization hosts an e-commerce application on a server which is accessible to internet users using https and with a public IP address.


1.Identify the appropriate hardware which would be used (Cisco )
2.Users on the internet should be able to access only https on the e-commerce server.
3.Users on the internet should have access only to the public IP address of the server and not the private IP address.
4.The users in the organization should have full access to the server.
5.TCP/IP Network design with IP addressing
6.Features and configuration required on the hardware with explanation

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Requirements
3. Requirement Analysis
4. Network Diagram
5. TCP/IP Table
6. Router configuration (IP address, NAT, ACL)
7. Solution Explanation
8. Hardware list

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