DMZ Network Design with Cisco Routers

Project Scope

This project understands how Cisco routers can be used for setting up a DMZ network. The fundamentals of DMZ networking and its need in an enterprise are understood. The mechanism by which Access control lists available on Cisco routers, can be used to setup DMZ for common public servers like Web, FTP, DNS and SSL servers along with appropriate configuration is analyzed.

Report Contents

1. Understanding DMZ
2. Need for DMZ
3. Port numbers in DMZ design
4. IP Network design for DMZ
5. DMZ Networking components
6. Access control lists in DMZ Design
7. DMZ Design strategy
8. DMZ Server IP design
9. DMZ Design Analysis with Cisco routers for the below servers
DMZ Design for Web Server.
DMZ Design for FTP Server.
DMZ Design for DNS Server
DMZ Design for SSL VPN Server

Report Format – PDF

Pages – 11

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