Network administration projects

This section of the website contains projects on network administration. These projects are usually performed by network and system administrators as tasks. Projects are based on different types of vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Linux etc. Reports are available for purchased for each project in PDF and PPT formats. The list of projects in the section is shown below.
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Cisco automation framework

Rogue AP detection using scanning techniques

Web Server monitoring techniques

Securing router using multiple access control techniques

IP CCTV Network Design for Enterprise

Packet Loss Testing tool

Router access restriction on VLAN network

LAN Speed testing tool

LAN Security assessment proposal

Server uptime monitoring tool

Internet usage control using access control techniques

WAN Optimization design for Enterprise

Windows TCP Connection Monitor

Employee Website Monitoring using Packet Analysis

Remote Access VPN design behind NAT router

LAN Network design with redundancy

VLAN Network design with restricted internet access

Network design with multiple vlans and single dhcp server


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