LAN Security assesment Proposal

Project Scope:

In the project, a network and security consultancy services organizations has been hired to understand the current LAN infrastructure design of an organization, perform a LAN security assessment,

identify the existing security vulnerabilities which can be exploited and propose a network upgrade with appropriate security recommendations, including additional software and hardware components, highlighting the security features on the recommended products and how it can be used to mitigate attacks targeted on the current LAN infrastructure should be provided.

Current Infrastructure:

There are 100 users in the organization. The users in the organization receive , dynamic IP addresses from a DHCP server residing on the network. A file server based on FTP, is hosted on a Window based system, where any user on the network, with appropriate username and password can upload or download files. Wireless access to the network is provided to all users on the network using wireless access points (2 nos). Open system authentication is used for the wireless network. Currenty, guests in the organization, access the internet on the LAN network through the wireless channel. There is no segregation between the guest and the LAN network. The switches which are currently in use are non-manageable switches (48 port, 3nos). Internet is shared by an ADSL router

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Report Contents –

1. Project Scope
2. Current Infrastructure
3. Current Infrastructure Topology Diagram
4. LAN Security vulnerability analysis
5. Mitigation Techniques
6. Hardware and Software requirement analysis
7. IP and VLAN Network Design
8. Network Upgrade Topology Diagram
9. Network Implementation Plan.
10.Network Implementation – Benefit
11.Software and Hardware

Report Format – PDF

Report Pages – 8

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