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Network design examples

Cyber security projects for beginners

Cyber security project in Python

Network design proposal for bank

Datacenter security design proposal

Hotspot design proposal for coffee shop

Network design proposal for Internet cafe

Cloud network design proposal

Network Design Proposal for Airport

Pre-sales proposal for network setup in university

Network design proposal for small office

VPN Network Proposal

Wireless home network design proposal

Network Design for Hosting Company with DDOS protection

Network Security Design for Backup Server

Warehouse design using Collapsed core architecture

Network Infrastructure upgrade for organization

Securing router using multiple access control techniques

Network Security Policy Implementation for Campus

LAN Network design with redundancy

Router access restriction on VLAN network

WAN Design for multiple office connectivity

VLAN network design with restricted

Rogue DHCP Server Detection

Rogue AP detection using scanning techniques

DHCP Infrastructure Security Threats , Mitigation & Assessment

Comparative study of web application & network layer firewalls

Small business network design with guest network

VPN Network design behind NAT router

DMZ Network design with vlan

Spanning Tree – Design and Attacks

DMZ network design with Cisco routers

Small business network design with secure ecommerce server

Internet usage control using access control techniques

Lan security assessment proposal

Web Server monitoring techniques

Flooding attack detection using anomaly techniques with wireshark

Brute Force attack detection using wireshark

Detecting TCP XMAS Scan using pattern analysis

Employee website monitoring using packet analysis

Network intrusion detection using pattern matching

Active and passive ftp design and security analysis