This section of the website contains projects which are based on CCNA and CCNP concepts. These projects can be executed with Cisco equipments or using Cisco packet tracer.The CCNA and CCNP projects are ideal for audience who are pursuing or completed the respective courses and would like to gain practical experience. The projects are designed to simulate real world scenarios based on CCNA and CCNP concepts.


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Network Design for Hosting Company with DDOS protection

Network Security Design for Backup Server

Datacenter security design proposal

Warehouse design using Collapsed core architecture

Network Infrastructure upgrade for organization

Enterprise network design using IP subnetting

Securing router using multiple access control techniques

Network design proposal for casino

Internet usage control using access control techniques

WAN Optimization design for Enterprise

DMZ Network design with Cisco routers

Small Business Network Design with secure e-commerce server

Network Security Policy Implementation for Campus

Small business network design with guest network

Remote Access VPN design behind NAT router

LAN Network design with redundancy

VLAN Network design with restricted internet access

Network Design Proposal for Airport

Router access restriction on VLAN network

VLAN Infrastructure Proposal

WAN Design for multiple office connectivity

VLAN Design with Cisco Infrastructure

VLAN Design attacks and defense

Enterprise network design with IPSEC