This section of the website consists of network design proposals. The projects in this section understand different types of computer networking topologies and design network proposals based on the topologies. Different types of sectors like home, office, campus etc are included. The necessary equipments which are required to setup the network, the details related to the IP address design, required applications and services along with a detailed network design diagram is provided.


The network design proposal ebook contains 12 network design proposals reports. Each report contains detailed networking and soltuion explanation, topology diagrams and list of hardware and software. The details of the reports in the ebook is provided below.

Number of pages in Ebook – 72

Number of reports in Ebook -10 (Details of reports provided below)

Ebook price – $25

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Details of reports in the Ebook

Network design proposal for bank

Datacenter security design proposal

Hotspot design proposal for coffee shop

Network design proposal for Internet cafe

Cloud network design proposal

Network Design Proposal for Airport

Pre-sales proposal for network setup in university

Network design proposal for small office

VPN Network Proposal

Wireless home network design proposal