Small Business Network Design with Guest Network

Project Scope

A small business network has to be designed for an organization. The organization has occasional guest users (Max 10) visiting the office. There are a total of 50 users in the organization. A FTP server is also available for sharing files.

Network requirement.

1.Separate subnet for guest and LAN network.
2.The guest network should be restricted to access only FTP service on the FTP server and all other access to the LAN network should be blocked.
3.IP Network Design
4.Identify the hardware – Switches and Routers.
5.Configuration details on hardware

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Report Contents

1. Project Title
2. Project Scope
3. Network requirement
4. Network planning
5. IP Network design table
6. Network Topology diagram with IP addresses
7. Network Integration plan
8. Network configuration (Router interface and ACL configuration with explanation)
9. Network Testing and verification procedure
10. Hardware and Software

Report format – PDF

Pages – 6

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