Rogue AP detection using scanning techniques

Project Scope

The project understands the concept of rogue access points and how the presence of the same on a network can be detected using scanning techniques. Wireless network scanning commands on Windows 7 operating system is leveraged and the SSID and authorized list of mac-address of access points are compared. A lab is setup to demonstrate the practical analysis of the identified technique. Appropriate mechanism by which rogue access points can be mitigated is also understood.

Hardware Requirement

1.Switch ( 1nos)
2.Access points ( 2nos)
3.Windows 7 Laptop with wireless card (1 nos)

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Hardware Requirement
3. Understanding Rogue AP
4. Wireless network scanning with Windows 7
5. Lab topology diagram
6. Rogue AP detection using SSID name
7. Rogue AP detection using mac-address
8. Rogue AP mitigation (WIPS, Port-Security)

Pages -6

Report format – PDF

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