Remote access VPN Network design behind NAT router

Project scope and description

In this project, a network has to be designed for remote access VPN. A windows XP VPN server is to be setup behind a Cisco NAT router.

The NAT router has a public IP address received dynamically by the ISP, which is also required to be used by the LAN users for internet. The remote users should be able to connect to the public IP address of the router, and establish connectivity with the VPN server. After connection is established, the remote user should be able to access systems on the LAN. LAN and VPN network should be segregated using appropriate VLAN’s

Hardware and Software used.

Cisco 2611 XM router.
Cisco 2950 switch
Windows XP VPN Server with two network cards.
Windows / Linux systems for LAN users.
Windows 7 for remote access

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Report Contents

1.Project scope and description
2.Hardware and Software used.
3.Network Implementation Strategy
4.IP and VLAN Network design and Configuration
5.TCP/IP adapter screenshot on VPN Server
6.TCP/IP adapter screenshot on LAN PC1
7.TCP/IP adapter screenshot on LAN PC1
8. Windows XP VPN Server configuration screenshots
9. VPN Client configuration on Windows 7
11.Network Topology Diagram with IP addressing
13. Switch configuration (VLAN configuration on switch, Trunk configuration)
14. Router configuration (Interface configuration, VLAN sub interface configuration, DNS server configuration, Internet routing configuration, Internet sharing (PAT Configuration), Port forwarding configuration)
15. VPN Testing

Format – PDF

Pages – 16

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