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Research Papers on Computer Networking and Security

Home network design

Abstract The paper is a case study where a home network has to be designed. There are 3 users at home, two wired and one wireless. An ADSL internet connection is available which needs to be shared among the users. A printer should be setup on the network which would allow allow the users...

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University network design with VLAN technology

Abstract This paper is a case study which explains how to use implement vlans to design a network in a university. The university has 7 departments and a single internet connection. Detailed explanation on how vlans are used to segregate different departments and how different IP networks are created to be mapped with individual...

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Internet Cafe Network Design

Abstract This paper is a case study in which the appropriate components which are required to setup a network for an internet cafe for 30 users is researched and developed. The details related to Internet sharing methodologies, user billing management is documented. The necessary features required to setup the network, the hardware and software...

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Wireless network security – Features, Protocols and vulnerabilities.

Abstract The paper documents the authentication mechanisms in a wireless network like Open system, shared key, WPA, 802.1x etc. The detailed functionality analysis of the mechanisms are researched and documented. A comparative study of WEP and WPA along with the weaknesses are identified. Security vulnerabilities with WEP and how it is mitigated with 802.11i...

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