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Home network design

Abstract The paper is a case study where a home network has to be designed. There are 3 users at home, two wired and one wireless. An ADSL internet connection is available which needs to be shared

University network design with VLAN technology

Abstract This paper is a case study which explains how to use implement vlans to design a network in a university. The university has 7 departments and a single internet connection. Detailed explanation on how vlans are

Internet Cafe Network Design

Abstract This paper is a case study in which the appropriate components which are required to setup a network for an internet cafe for 30 users is researched and developed. The details related to Internet sharing methodologies,

Wireless network security – Features, Protocols and vulnerabilities.

Abstract The paper documents the authentication mechanisms in a wireless network like Open system, shared key, WPA, 802.1x etc. The detailed functionality analysis of the mechanisms are researched and documented. A comparative study of WEP and WPA