Wireless network proposal

Abstract: A wireless network design proposal for a campus with VLAN.

Network requirement and infrastructure

A wireless network proposal has to be prepared for setting up a wireless VLAN based infrastructure at a campus. The campus has 3 departments, management, research and finance. Each department has approximately 30 users. ADSL internet connection is available in the campus, which needs to be shared by the all the users in the different departments. Wireless access to the network should be available using access points installed at strategic locations. Users should also be able to access the network through computers using LAN connectivity.

Files servers should be setup on the network for users in the departments to share and transfer files. Guest users should be able to connect to the internet through the wireless access points, without any authentication. Users in each department should have a common password, which should be used for gaining access to the network through the wireless access points.

The guest users should not have access to the file server installed on the network. Dynamic ip addressing system should be available from a single DHCP server to allocate ip address to all departments users and guests. Users should be able to connect to the appropriate departments, highlighted through appropriate names on the access point. Appropriate equipment for internet sharing should be made available. The following lists the details included in the wireless network proposal report.

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Report Contents

1. Project description and requirement
2. Network design requirement analysis
3. IP and VLAN design strategy ( IP Network design and VLAN design)
4. Software and hardware analysis with required features
5. Network topology diagram
6. Solution explanation

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