Web Server monitoring techniques

Project Scope

An organization has deployed a Windows based web server on its network. The network administrator has to identify the appropriate techniques for analyzing the below parameters.

1.TCP traffic (Incoming TCP Syn requests, TCP reset connections, TCP established connections, TCP half open connections)
2.Technique to monitor specific application requests on Web server
3.Technique to monitor HTTP Get requests to on Web server
4.Server bandwidth
5.Port status of the web server

A combination of different types of tools like wireshark, nmap, netstat is to be used with appropriate commands and filters identified for achieving the required output.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Tool Download
3. Technique to monitor TCP SYN requests to the web server with wireshark output
4. Technique to monitor TCP reset connections sent to and from the Web Server with wireshark output
5. Technique to monitor established open connections on a Web Server with netstat output
6. Technique to monitor TCP half open connections on the Web Server with netstat output
7. Technique to monitor requests to a specific application on the Web server with wireshark output
8. Technique to monitor HTTP GET requests to the web server with wireshark output
9. Technique to monitor server bandwidth with netstat output
10. Technique to monitor the port status of a Web Server with nmap output

Report format – PDF

No of Pages – 9

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