Warehouse design using collapsed core architecture

Project Scope

The project aims to design a network for a 2 storey warehouse using Cisco collapsed Core architecture. In collapsed core architecture, the Core and distribution layer is combined. The warehouse has two departments which are the logistics and management. The logistics group is seated on the ground floor and the management group on the 1st floor. There are 40 and 20 users respectively in the logistics and management department. The departments should be segregated appropriately using appropriate TCP/IP addressing and VLAN’s. An internet router is currently available on the network.

Network requirements

1.Network Design strategy
2.Network Topology Diagram
3.TCP/IP Network design with IP addressing
4.VLAN design for departments
5.Identify appropriate switches for design (L2/L3)
6.Identify configurations on switches and routers
7.Solution explanation

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirements
3. Hardware analysis
4. Network Design strategy
5. Network topology diagram
6. TCP/IP Network design
7. TCP/IP table with IP addressing
8. VLAN Design
9. Configuration (L3 Switch – VLAN, Routing, L2 Switch – VLAN, Router – Routing, interface )
10. Solution explanation

Report format – PDF

No of pages – 8

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