WAN Optimization design for enterprise

Project Scope

A WAN network has to be designed for an organization which has a main branch and remote branch. There are 100 users in the main branch and 50 users in the remote branch. The main branch has an application server which should be accessible by the users in the remote branch. The WAN link has to be optimized such that only the traffic to the application server should be allowed on it.

Network requirements

1.TCP/IP Design for the LAN networks at both the locations.
2.TCP/IP table with IP address details.
3.Network topology diagram with IP address.
4.WAN Network design for both the locations.
5.Allow only traffic to the application server over the WAN link. All other traffic should be denied for performance.
6.Hardware with quantity list.
7.Testing and verification of the design

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Report Contents (What is included in the report)

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirements
3. Network requirement analysis
4. TCP/IP Network design
5. TCP/IP address table
6. Network Topology diagram
7. Router configuration (Main and branch office, access control lists, Static route)
8. Verification and Testing (Ping between systems and servers on different locations)

Report format – PDF

Pages – 8

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