VPN Network proposal


A VPN network design proposal for an organization with different branches


An organization has three offices. The main office is in California in USA, one branch office in London in UK and the second branch office in Bangalore, in India. The main office has an Email server and File server. The following are the requirements.

Network requirement

1. All the three offices should be interconnected with each other using VPN technology.
2. The users at all the location should be able to access the email and file server.
3. Users at all the locations should have access to internet, and should not be routed through the VPN network.
4. Appliances like routers to setup the network.
5. Identify additional requirements like public ip addresses, internet connections etc.
6. Identify the IP network schema for all the locations.
7. Identify the methodology to route internet traffic separately and not through the tunnel.

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Report contents

3.Network requirement
4.Network Infrastructure analysis
5.Network diagram
6.Network and System integration plan
7.IP network design
8.TCP/IP network design for LAN users
9.Router configuration tips
10.Hardware and Software

Report format – PDF

Pages – 4

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