VLAN network design with restricted internet access

Project Scope

To design a network for a software development organization based on vlan with Cisco routers and switches. The organization has three departments, development, testing and trainee and a high speed internet connection.

The trainee department should not have access to internet browsing, but all other communication should be allowed on the internet. The users in all the departments should have inter access communication with each other. All the departments should be on different IP networks.

Project Requirements

1.Design different vlans for each department.
2.Design and map IP network addresses for each vlan.
3.Cisco based routers and switches to be used.
4.Identify the configurations required on the routers and switches for the solutions like vlan, intervlan routing, internet access restriction etc.
5.Identify the TCP/IP adapter configurations which are required to be setup on the clients.

Hardware and Software

1.Cisco 2611 XM router ( 1nos)
2.Cisco 2950 ( 1nos)
3.PC’s ( As per requirement )

Buy the solution report – Contents below

1. Project Scope
2. Project Requirement
3. Hardware and Software
4. Network Design strategy
5. Network topology diagram
6. Switch configuration ( VLAN , Trunking)
7. Router configuration ( Internet configuration guidelines, intervlan routing, access list configuration)
8. TCP/IP adapter configuration
9. Network design verification.

Report format – PDF

No of Pages – 8

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