1.Network interfaze would design and prepare the documents as per its guidelines and

2. If the customer wants Network Interfaze to modify the contents of the document prepared
originally it would be considered a change request and chargeable based on the new schedule
for the modified report as allocated by Network Interfaze.

3. Network Interfaze does not guarantee that it can undertake any modifications or suggestions
by the Customer after the receipt of the original document.

4. Refunds and cancellation of order is not available.

5. If the customer has not paid on the scheduled date as mentioned by Network Interfaze, the
costing would be revised or Network Interfaze reserves the right to terminate the services
with the customer with or without notice.

6. Support on the document like additional questions, clarifications, information after the
receipt of the report by the customer would be provided by Network Interfaze through online
training or chat which is chargeable.

7. Email responses to queries on the reports like additional questions, clarifications, information
is not available.

8. Network Interfaze uses third party services for collecting payments (Paypal) and digital content downloads (e-junkie). We cannot be held responsible or made liable for any security issues which might arise as part of online payment.

9. Network Interfaze would normally respond to support queries related to payment and digital content within 24 hours on receipt of the email. This might be delayed if emails are received on holidays (Saturday and Sunday).

10. Customers who have purchased digital content through the website would receive a copy of a download link from where the file can be downloaded. The customer can also request for the file to be delivered through email if required, which would normally be delievered within 24 hrs on receipt of email. This might be delayed if the request is received on holidays.

11. Network Interfaze reserves the right to terminate the services with its customers with or
without notice if there is any activity identified against business ethics.


The above stated terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in
accordance with laws of India. If any dispute arises out of these terms and
conditions or from use of services with Network Interfaze, the parties hereby agree
to submit to jurisdiction of courts of Kochi, Kerala, India for resolution of all such

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