Network design proposal for small office

Project Scope.

A network proposal has to be designed for a small office. The office has 5 users with an ADSL internet connection and a parallel port printer.

Project Requirements

1.All users should be able to access the internet through the ADSL internet connection.
2.All users should be able to print via the network.
3.All users should have secure wireless access to the network, with the flexibility to connect via LAN.
4.A file server for sharing files on the network.
5.Hosted Email servers for email access.
6.Administrator should be able to remotely view and control the file server from any location on the internet.

Report Contents

1.Project Scope
2.Project Requirements
3.Hardware requirement analysis
4.Network Topology Diagram
5.Network Integration analysis (details of the services, features and technologies which are required for network integration. ).
6.IP Network Design
7.TCP/IP configuration for the clients
8.Requirement analysis and solution explanation
9. Services and Features
10.Software and Hardware

No of Pages – 7

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