Securing router using multiple access control techniques

Project Scope

The project aims to assess the security issues related to access control configuration on a Cisco router on the network and to design an upgraded secure configuration using multiple access control techniques. Currently it is observed that the access to the router is exploited using stolen passwords by users on the network. The identified threat has to be mitigated using appropriate feature and technology available on the router and explanation on how it would achieve the requirement such that only the administrator of the network has access to the router.

Network and Security requirement

1.Only the administrator should have access to the router
2.The access control should have multiple level of security
3.Users on the network should be unable to access the router.
4.Unique passwords should be used wherever appropriate.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network & Security requirements
3. Existing setup and config
4. Network topology diagram
5. Security issues in existing setup
6. Mitigation techniques
7. Secure router configurations (Passwords, Access control with username & ACL)
8. Analysis of upgraded configurations

Report format – PDF

Pages – 5

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