1. I would like to buy a report for a specific title on the website

We have three types of reports for every project.

Condensed reports – Condensed project reports are ” To the point ” report. If it is a network programming or design and configuration project, the source code / configuration / design methodology would be included along with a diagram wherever applicable. The reports are in PDF format and would contain a maximum of 3-5 pages.

PPT reports – The PPT report would contain the necessary diagrams, implementation steps, source code and configurations ( where ever applicable)along with the implementation points which can be used to develop a detailed report independently. These would be more ellaborate than condensed reports.

PDF reports – The PDF reports are ellaborate reports and made to order for the number of pages you would require. The pricing would be based on the number of pages.

2. What are the prices for the reports

Condensed reports – $10 / Rs 500

PPT reports – $10 – $25 / Rs 500 – 1250

PDF reports – Billable on the number of pages -Email us for details.

3. I want to implement a new project idea with a detailed custom report of more than 20 pages+

Minimum price starts from $300 / Rs 15000.

Email us with the project title and type of report to know the procedure for purchase Click to Email