If you have completed or pursuing certifications like CCNA, MCSE, RHCE and do not have work experience, then this program is for you

This program is meant for candidates who are pursuing or completed CCNA, MCSE, RHCE certifications and who wants to gain real time experience and improve resume visibility to hiring organizations.

In this program , the candidate would be made to work on real world network design, configuration and troubleshooting scenarios on variety of networking products and operating systems which would be encountered during his career.


Candidates who are pursuing or completed professional networking certifications can enroll for this program. The projects which are performed during the program are professional projects in networking which would help the candidate to gain real time experience on the job. The candidates can update the projects in the resume. Organizations would prefer to short list candidates with experience more easily.

The projects would commence only after a rigorous training on networking fundamentals where we teach you the internals of technologies like routing , switching and the detailed working of protocols and troubleshooting techniques and tools.

Some of the projects which you would be executing are provided below.


1.Setup a LAN network with multiple computers and use the Internet connection sharing feature on Windows 7 to share internet connection with the users.
2.Setup a LAN network with a single domain using Active directory with multiple users. Use a router to share internet connection with the users and provide necessary parameters like IP addresses, subnet mask, default gateway etc.
3.Setup a LAN network which has multiple departments under one single domain. Each department should have separate IP based networks. VLAN should be used to create different networks. Domains should be created with Active directory. Internet connection should be available to the users.
4.Design and configure a network for a user to access his home PC remotely from office or any other location through the internet using multiple technologies.
5.Configure and setup a Web server on the internet using IIS and Apache on Windows and Linux platform.
6.Configure and setup a FTP server on the internet using FTP service on Linux platform.
7.Configure a Linux PC as a router for routing between two networks.
8.Design and Setup a WLAN network at office with internet connection.
9.Design and setup a network for remote users to access the intranet using Windows 2008 VPN server.
10.Deploy and configure a firewall in a network and block unwanted traffic on the network.

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