VLAN design and implementation

Project Scope: The project is to understand the advantages of using VLAN in a network, how broadcasting is controlled. Research and analyze different types of  VLAN’s tagged and untagged vlans. Understand the configuration which is required to setup a vlan based network using Cisco routers and switches and how intervlan routing is achieved.


Cisco 2611XM router and Cisco 2950 switch or any other platforms which supports VLAN’s


Cisco packet tracer if the above equipments are unavailable.

How to implement

Research on the internet and ccna ebooks to understand the need for vlans. Understand how broadcasting is controlled and the concept of tagged and untagged vlan and the protocols which are used on Cisco platforms for enabling vlans. The configuration required to setup a vlan based infrastructure can be found out on the Cisco website or any CCNA /CCNP books.

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