Project – DHCP Troubleshooting Test Plan

Project Scope – The project is design a Test plan for troubleshooting DHCP related issues in a network.

Hardware and Software


How to implement the project

1. Design a Test plan document consisting of the following columns – Test Name , Test Steps, Result, Tools

2. The following are some of the points which can be used to develop as individual test cases –

a. Use a protocol analyzer to check to for valid DHCP packets between a client and a server
b. Ensure that there are no firewalls blocking valid DHCP ports like UDP port 67 and 68.
c. Ensure that the DHCP service is running on the client and the servers.
d. Ensure that the client and the server is on the same network. If on a different network, ensure that IP Helper address feature is configured.

3. Provide a conclusion for the report with your findings –

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