Network Design proposal for a University

Project Scope:

This project involves the design of a network infrastructure for a university. The university has 7 departments namely, IT, Finance, HR, Management, Faculty, students and R&D. The university also has an ADSL internet connection which is shared for the different departments. It is required that all the departments should have intercommunication. The R&D department should not have access to the internet. Each of the department contain 50-100 users.

Report Contents:

1. The active network components which are required ( Routers , Switches ).

2. The number of switches , routers which are required for the design.

3. The IP Design schema for the department.

4. Explanation of the details required to be configured on the Switch and how to create different departments with VLAN.

5. Explanation of how to restrict internet connection for R&D Department and allow access for the other departments with Access control lists on the Router.

6. Identify the feature on the router which is required for sharing the Internet for the users.

7. Identify the TCP/IP adapter parameters ( IP address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, DNS Server IP address) for the users.

8. Network Design Diagram.

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