Block access between two departments in an organization

Project Scope The project is to use VLANs to create multiple departments. Each department is associated with an IP network address as shown in the diagram. The server is maintained on one of the VLAN’s.

Only the systems belonging to the network should have access to the server. The systems in the network should not have access to the server

Hardware and Software requiremnets

Hardware – Cisco 2611 XM router, Cisco 2950 switch, Window or Linux based PC’s ( 3 nos)

Note: Any Cisco router which supports intervlan routing and switch which supports vlans can be used for the same.

How to implement the project

Create VLAN’s on the switch. Make the respective ports on the switches as members of respective VLAN’s. Connect one of the switch port to the router. Configure the specific port on the router as a trunk port. Configure sub interfaces on the router and map it with the corresponding vlan’s. Configure appropriate IP addresses on the PC’s and the server. Test reachability between the PC’s. Create and configure an ACL which would block access from and to the specific vlan

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