Access to Intranet servers from Internet

Project Scope: The projects aims to understand the methodology which can be used for intranet servers to be accessed from the internet.

Hardware and Software requirements

Hardware – ADSL router which supports Port forwarding, Windows or Linux PC’s ( 2 nos), switch, cables, Two internet connections.

Software – Remote Desktop (available on windows PC or VNC)

How to implement the project

Setup a network with the LAN interface of the router and one of the PC by connecting to the switch. Ensure that the PC is setup to allow incoming remote desktop connections. Configure and setup ADSL internet connection on the respective interface on the router as well as on the other PC. Setup port forwarding on the router to allow incoming connections to the PC on the LAN. From the PC, which is connected to the internet, start remote desktop connection and provide the public IP address of the routers ADSL interface. The desktop of the other PC should be viewable now.

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