1. How can I buy a report on your website

It depends on your location. If you are based outside India, you can use PayPal account or credit card. There is an Add to Cart button with every report which when clicked would take you to PayPal website, where you can pay with your paypal account or credit card on PayPal website. If you are based in India, you have the option to Pay with netbanking or deposit to our bank account.

2.I am in India, but when I click on the PayPal link to buy a report, I am unable to Pay.

As per RBI guidelines , a Paypal merchant in India cannot accept payment through Paypal from a resident Indian customer. So to buy the report , you would need to transfer the amount to our bank account and on receipt we shall email you the report. Please send us an email or call us with the required details following which we shall let you know the bank account details.

3.When do I get the report after making the payment

If you are using Paypal, the report is delivered immediately. If you are using bank transfer, on receipt we shall email you the report.