This section of the website contains online courses on networking and security. The course are developed by various industry vendors. All are downloadable video courses.

1. Network Testing Course

The Network testing self paced video course teaches how to make custom tools and scripts for network testing and analysis activities. Frameworks and platforms like Python , Scapy, tshark, TCL, Expect is used.

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2. Windows Powershell Fundamentals Course

The Windows powershell fundamentals course is a 7+ hour video course which teaches the fundamentals of powershell and techniques and examples for practical powershell users.


3. Routing Video Mentor

The routing video mentor course teaches the method of configuring and verification of various routing protocols , policy routing, route redistribution, multicast routing etc. The course is developed by Cisco press and is 7+ hrs of Video content


.4. Wifi Configuration Deployment and Troubleshooting

The course is a 10+ hr video course which teaches how to design , configure, deploy and troubleshoot wireless networks. How to design a network for application specific needs, site survey techniques, packet analysis of wireshark communication of wireless packets are covered.


.5. CCNA Security

The course focus on configuration scenarios in CCNA Security certification. It is a 5+ hrs video course promoted by Cisco press.


6. Network Troubleshooting Video mentor

The course teaches how to troubleshoot routing and switching protocols like STP, OSPF, RIP, BGP, IP services like NAT, DHCP, Voip etc on a Cisco infrastructure. It is a 7+ hr video course and recommended for a network engineering beginner.