Network Security topics

The following are some network security topics which can be used to develop papers, projects or presentation.

1.Study on network and application firewalls.
2.Vulnerabilities of Spanning tree protocol and mitigation.
3.Methodologies to prevent IP fragmentation attacks.
4.Attacks based on a VLAN infrastructure.
5.Preventing Rogue DHCP servers on the network.
6.Defeating DDOS attacks with hosted solutions.
7.Perimeter router configuration to block IP spoofing attacks
8.Defeating TCP scan attacks with security solutions
9.ICMP based attacks and defense with Access control lists.
10.Bypassing web filters on the network.
11.Comparative study of stateless and statefull firewalls.
12.Analysis of DDOS attacks and techniques
13.Security issues in DHCP protocol.
14.Comparative study of access control mechanisms
15.Practical analysis of Access control lists.
16.Dynamic key derivation on the internet with SSL
17.Security threats on IPSEC Infrastructure
18.Security analysis of routing protocols.
19.Layer 2 security threats and mitigation
20.Crafting tools for security testing
21.Comparative study of Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN.
22.LAN network vulnerability assesment techniques.
23.DNS Infrastructure security testing
24.Secure LAN application servers using security features.
25.Mitigating TCP Syn flood on Operating systems.
26.Crafting tools for penetration testing.
27.Brute force attacks on Web servers.
28.Router access control techniques.
29.IPSEC Key derivation – a detailed analysis
30.Designing secure networks for public web servers.

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