Research topics in network security

The following are some network security research topics for projects and papers in network security.

1. Defeating TCP Syn flooding with TCP Syn cookies.

2. Access lists limitations for DDOS attacks.

3. Comparative study of PEAP and EAP-TLS in a 802.11 network.

4. 802.1x vulnerabilities and proposed defense solutions.

5. STP attacks by manipulating BPDU packets

6. Cam flood attacks and defenses.

7. Analysis of 802.11 disassociation attacks.

8. Securing web applications with SSL certificates.

9. Securing a LAN infrastructure.

10. FTP issues with NAT.

11. TCP RST attacks on LAN.

12. Route poisoning on a RIP v1 network.

13. Protecting Web servers with extended Access lists.

14. ARP cache poisoning

15. Perimeter router defense from private IP addresses.

16. Vulnerability assesment of a network switch.

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