Network Security Policy Implementation for Campus

Project Title : Network Security Policy Implementation for Campus

Project Scope

A network has to designed aligning to the network security policy requirements outlined below for a campus. The campus has faculty and students. There are 50 users in the faculty and 150 users in the student section respectively. There are two servers on the network, which is used for a social network application and file sharing. The social network application is accessible by web browsers with appropriate username and password combinations. The file server is accessible using FTP client.

Network & Policy Requirements

1. Provide only FTP access to users to the FTP server and all other service only to network admin.
2. Allow only web access to the Social network server and disallow all other service to users other than admin.
3. Mac-level authentication to be provided to users on the network.
4. Remote access to router should be secured with password for admin.
5. The users and the servers should be on separate networks.
6. Cisco based infrastructure to be used.
7. Identify the configurations wherever appropriate.
8. Identify the quantity of switches, routers etc.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network & Policy requirements
3. Requirement analysis
4. Hardware analysis
5. TCP/IP Network Design
6. Topology diagram with IP addressing.
7. Network configuration (Cisco configs) ( FTP server access control using ACL, Social network server access control using ACL, Secure Telnet configuration, Port-Security configuration )
8. Hardware quantity list.

Report format – PDF

No of Pages – 7

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