Network Security Mini Projects Vol 1.o

The network security Mini project book contains 7 project requirements in network security and proposes appropriate solutions to achieve the requirement. The following are the list of projects in the Ebook.

Router access control using IP based filters.
Detecting rogue DHCP servers through network scanning
Cam flood vulnerability testing
Detecting eavesdropping vulnerability on servers using scanning techniques
Detecting TCP pattern based attacks on Servers using traffic analyzers
Testing Networks for ACL Implementation
Perimeter router service detection


Sample Below

Project – Detecting rogue DHCP servers through network scanning


On a LAN network, a mechanism has to be identified for detecting unauthorized DHCP servers using appropriate network scanning techniques


NMAP tool can be used to scan the network for identifying IP addresses on the network which has UDP port number 67 for DHCP servers. After the IP addresses are identified, the administrator would be able to analyze the rogue server. Rogue dhcp servers are setup on the network by attackers to create disruption of services. As the network administrator would be aware of the IP address of the DHCP server on the network, any other IP address associated with UDP port 67 would be identified as a rogue DHCP server.

The following screenshot shows the command which can be used for scanning the network for udp port 67. The output of the command returns the dhcp servers on the network. In this network, there is only one valid dhcp server, which is status of the port 67 is shown as open.

The screenshot of the scan is shown in the Ebook.

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