Network Security Design for Backup Server

Project Scope

The project report aims to implement network security design for Backup Server for an organization.The organization has a backup server, which is currently on its network. Apart from basic protection like antivirus on the server, there are no other security implementations from a network perspective. The backup server and the users are all on the same subnet. The project understands the security issues in the design and suggests improvement plan by modifying the network infrastructure and implementing appropriate security configurations in the design.

Network Requirements

1.Identify the security issues in the existing design
2.Modify the network design for securing backup server
3.Harden the security of the server at O/S level
4.Implement appropriate application layer access protection to the server
5.Implement appropriate network layer access protection access to the server
6.Users from external network like the internet should be unable to access the server and vice versa
7.Backup Server should be accessible to users on the LAN only via FTP protocol and restrict access to all other traffic.
8.Only the administrator of the network should have complete access to the Server.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network Requirements
3. Existing Infrastructure Topology diagram
4. Security issues in Existing Infrastructure
5. Security issues mitigation plan
6. Network Infrastructure upgrade
7. Network Design
8. Upgraded Topology Diagram.
9. Network Configuration (Router Interface, ACL Configuration, ACL to block external access (Internet) to Server,
ACL to restrict LAN access to Server)
10. Verification and Testing Plan (Commands to verify configuration, Functionality Testing Plan)

Report format – PDF

No of Pages -7

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