Network Security course

The online network security course explains the different types of network security attacks and how different tools like Python, Scapy, nmap and hping can be used to create custom code for simulating the attacks. The course also include details

for setting up a lab for demonstration is also included.

Course Contents

Programming Basics

Usage and installation

1. Fundamentals of Python and Scapy
2. Fundamentals of nmap
3. Fundamentals of hping

Detailed analysis of the following network security attacks

1. TCP Syn flood
2. TCP Scans
3. ICMP floods
4. ICMP address mask
5. ARP spoofing
6. STP manipulation
7. UDP Bomb
8. ARP poison
9. IP Spoofing DDOS
10.TTL manipulation.

Programming methodology

How to use the tools and programming language to write custom code which would simulate the above attacks.

Lab Setup

How to design a lab for demonstrating the attack.

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