Network Security assignment Topics

This section of the website contains network security assignment topics. The assignment title along with description is provided which can be used for research activity.

Secure network design with DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

Understands the concept of Demilitarized zone in a network environment and the mechanism and network design strategy by which a server which is exposed to the internet can be setup in DMZ zone for access by users on the internet and the LAN.

Comparative study of Network and application layer firewalls

A comparative study on network and application layers firewalls, deployment strategies, the limitations and improvements, and the typical attacks which are blocked using the firewalls.

Database attacks and defense

Understands the different types of attacks which are targeted on a database infrastructure, like network sniffing, weak passwords, sql injection, brute force attacks etc. The anatomy of the attacks and the defense mechanism for each of the attacks is identified.

MITM vulnerable protocols and mitigation

Understands the anatomy of a Man in the middle attack and the anatomy. The different protocols which are vulnerable to the attack like, TCP, ARP etc and real time environments where the attacks are used are analyzed.

Comparative study of Firewalls, IDS and IPS

A comparative study on firewalls, IDS and IPS. The deployment scenarios, attacks which are defended by the devices, limitations and improvements are understood. The different vendors and modes of the devices are researched and documented.

Wireless migration from WEP to WPA

Understands the limitation and security issues with the WEP protocol and the improvements with WPA protocol. The different components which are required to setup WPA based wireless infrastructure like supplicants, WPA supported access points are understood