Network Security

Man in the Middle attack

Project Scope: This project explores and studies man in the middle attack. This would include practical demosntrations of MITM with various forms of attacks like ICMP redirect, ARP cache posion etc. Guidelines on network lab setup with appropriate tools would be provided.

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Layer2 Attacks and mitigation

Project Scope: This project involves research and execution of different types of attacks on the Layer 2 Infrastructure. Some of the attacks include VLAN Hopping, Mac-flooding, Mac-spoofing etc. Different types of tools would be used to perform these attacks and appropriately recommend defense mechanism for the same.

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FTP protocol vulnerabilities and attacks

Project Scope:The project is to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in FTP protocol and how attacks specific to FTP protocol is performed.A network lab would be designed and tools would be deployed.

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ICMP based attacks

Project Scope:

The project is to demonstrate and study on how ICMP protocol is used for attacks on a network infrastructure.
A networking lab is created specifically to demonstrate attacks. and how a defense mechanism can be designed
for these attacks. Network Security tools like nmap, scapy etc is used for the same

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