Project Training

The network project training program is recommended for audience who would want to learn hot skills in the industry and execute professional projects to gain experience and become a specialist in the field.This method , makes it highly beneficial for audience for skill upgrade and gain professional experience on real time projects.

Whom does it benefit.

1.Ideal for networking and ccna freshers who wants practical project based experience
2.Working professionals looking for technical upgrade or role change.

Program Duration – 5 weeks, 2-3 hr session every day

Batch Size – Max 4 -5 students

How it works

During the initial period the candidate would be trained in the following hot skills which are in demand in the industry

TCP/IP Fundamentals
Routing and switching Fundamentals
Packet analysis techniques.
Network troubleshooting techniques
LAN, WAN, VPN, Firewall, Wireless Network Design
Usage and working and Protocol analyzers and scanners like wireshark and nmap
Network automation and scripting with Python.

After the training is completed, the candidate would be made to execute projects based on network infrastructure from different vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Linux etc.

Projects and case study from the following areas would be executed.

1.Network Design
2.Network Security
3.Network testing
4.Network scripting
5.Network analysis and troubleshooting
6.Network Monitoring

On completion of the program, a certificate of completion with the details of the projects would be provided.

Pricing – Rs 25000 / –

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