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Comparative study of Web application and Network Layer Firewalls

Project Scope

The project analyzes and understands the need of network and application layer firewalls. Analysis of TCP/IP communication, common attacks which occur at the network and application layers like spoofing, flooding, cookie poisoning, sql injection and the need for different types of firewalls are analyzed. Different types of deployment scenarios and how appropriate firewall solutions fit in it are understood.

Report Contents

TCP/IP Communication for Firewalls
Common Network layer attacks
Common Web application attacks
Functionality analysis of network layer firewalls.
Functionality analysis of web application firewalls
Benefits and limitations of network layer firewalls.
Benefits and limitations of web application firewalls
Firewall attack mitigation techniques
Security requirements with Firewall analysis
Firewall deployment with LAN access control.
Firewall deployment with application level control
Firewall deployment with Comprehensive server security
Benefits of combination

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Active and Passive FTP Design and Security analysis


The project does a detailed analysis of the two different types of the FTP protocol, Active and Passive. The design of the protocols, which include the TCP connection establishment on the respective ports,

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DMZ Network design with VLAN


A DMZ network is to be designed for an organization using VLAN. The organization uses a web server which is publicly accessible over the internet. A DMZ has to be setup using a Cisco IOS firewall router using VLAN’s on the interface, which are connected to Cisco switch. On the switch, vlans are created to segregate between the web server and LAN network. The project uses appropirate devices to demonstrate the above requirement with appropirate equipments and features on it.

Hardware and Software

1. Cisco IOS firewall router

2. Cisco switch ( 2nos)

3. Computers.

Report format – PDF

Pages – 4

Report contents

Lab topology diagram
Lab topology explanation
Methodology ( Network and DMZ setup guidelines)
DMZ setup guideline explanation
Network verification and testing

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IP Spoofing demonstration

Project Scope

IP spoofing is a type of security attack in which the attacker spoofs the source address in the IP header to a fake IP address. The project aims to demonstrate the concept of IP spoofing by using packet crafting tools like Scapy in a test lab.

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