Network Design Reports

Enterprise wireless network proposal

Project requirement

A proposal has to be submitted to an enterprise which uses a Windows based network to setup a wireless network.The enterprise has 3 floors. All the three floors require secure wireless access and the users on the network should authenticate

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Design proposal for VLAN based Infrastructure with focus on security issues and mitigation


The report describes why VLANS are used, how to design a VLAN infrastructure for an organization with necessary switches and routers, security attacks based on VLANS and features on the platforms which would mitigate these attacks.

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Design a pre-sales proposal for network setup in a university

Abstract A pre-sales design proposal for network setup in a university

The university has the following 7 departments.

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Network Design proposal for 5 star hotel

Abstract A network design proposal for a 5 star hotel with the following infrastructure and networking requirements.

Hotel Infrastructure

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