Network Intrusion Detection based on pattern matching.

Project Scope:

To develop a network intrusion detection program with Python and tshark, which would detect patterns in packet payload and logs the IP address from which the packet originated.

Hardware and Software

O/S (2 nos) – Ubuntu and Windows 7 (Linux systems can be used in lieu of Windows)
Switch ( 1 nos)
Tshark – Free download
Python – Free download
Scapy – Free download
Wireshark – Free download

Lab Topology

Ubuntu and Windows 7 system is connected to a switch, and configured with IP addresses belonging to the same network. The Intrusion detection code runs on Ubuntu and packet with pattern is crafted and sent from Windows 7.

Code Output

The packet with pattern “attack” is injected from the Windows 7 system to the code which is running on Ubuntu. The output of the code on Ubuntu is shown in the report

Buy the report – Contents below

1. Project Scope
2. Hardware and Software.
3. Network topology diagram
4. Network setup procedure.
5. Code logic
6. Coding process
7. Code explanation – Python code on ubuntu, scapy code on windows 7
8. Code testing and verification process

No of Pages – 7

Report format – PDF

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