Network Infrastructure upgrade for organization

Project Scope

The project aims to upgrade the network of a software development organization. The organization currently uses a 24 port unmanageable switch. There is a high speed internet connection which is shared by using internet connection sharing feature available on Windows. The organization has an internal server, which is used by the internal users for sharing files using FTP and also accesses a web application using HTTP protocol. There are three departments in the organization which are the sales, development and testing team and each department has 5, 8 and 5 users respectively, all of which are configured with the network address network. Users on the network were complaining about generally slow network and access to the server. The network has to be redesigned with the following requirements.

Network requirements

1.Each department should be on a separate TCP/IP network
2.The server should be on a separate TCP/IP network
3.Identify additional hardware wherever applicable
4.Broadcast traffic from one network should be controlled and not reach other networks for resolving slow networking.
5.TCP/IP Table with IP addressing for redesigned network.
6.Segregate each networks using VLAN.
7.Sales department should not have access to development and testing network
8.Development and testing departments should have access to each other.
9.Traffic to the server should be filtered. Only FTP and HTTP access is allowed.
10.Identify configuration required on the hardware with explanation.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirements
3. Network upgrade plan
4. Existing network infrastructure topology diagram
5. Network Design strategy
6. TCP/IP Network address table
7. Upgraded infrastructure topology diagram
8. Hardware Configuration (Cisco Router & Switch – Interface, ACL, VLAN)
9. Hardware List
10. Solution explanation

Report format – PDF

Pages – 10

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