The following Ebooks contains interview questions for network engineers with detailed answers.

250+ Network Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

The Ebook contains 250+ interview questions based on different networking and security concepts. Objective and scenario based questions with detailed answers are included.

Sample Questions

What happens when a URL is typed in a browser
What is the main difference between TCP and UDP
How does communication between webclient and web server work
What happens when a packet is received on a router
How do Routers populate routing tables for directly connected interfaces
If a wireless network is secure and encrypted, is the data send from the source to the destination encrypted
Explain a technique by which a home desktop which is behind a home router can be viewed by a user on the internet.

250 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

The Networking Interview questions and answers ebook contains 250 questions based on networking concepts like Firewall, NAT, VPN, Wireless networking, TCP/IP, Frame relay, Routing and switching. The book also includes scenario based questions with diagrams and detailed tutorials. It is ideal for candidates aspiring for networking job interview.

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Sample Questions

If a PC has two default gateways, which would be taken for routing the packets.
Is a DNS IP address mandatory to be configured on a PC for internet access
How can the usage of RIP v2 improve the performance of a network w.r.t Rip v1.
Name two methods by which the desktop of a Windows system can be viewed.
Can the username and password sent from a HTTP client be viewed in clear text on the server.
If there are multiple paths to a network on a Cisco router with RIP and OSPF, which path would the packet take and why.