Network design with multiple VLANs and Single DHCP Server with Cisco and Microsoft

Project Scope

To design and configure a network for an organization with multiple departments, finance, hr and marketing, where all users in the department receive appropriate dynamic IP address from Windows 2008 DHCP Server.

Each department uses different IP network address. The organization uses Cisco switches and routers.

Project Requirements

1.Design respective vlans for different departments.
2.Design network addresses for each departments.
3.Map the network address with respective vlans.
4.Identify configuration required on Cisco routers and switches to create vlans and intervlan routing.
5.Identify configuration required on Windows 2008 DHCP server to provide dynamic IP address to users belonging to respective vlans from the specific network address range.
6.Identify configuration required on the Cisco router for DHCP specific design.
7.The users in all the departments should be able to access each other after receiving appropriate IP addresses from the DHCP Server.

Hardware and Software

1.Cisco 2611 XM router ( 1nos)
2.Cisco 2950 switch ( 1nos)
3.Windows 2008 Server ( 1nos)

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Project Requirements
3. Hardware and Software
4. Network Design strategy
5. Network Topology Diagram
6. IP and VLAN Mapping.
7. Network Configuration
a. Switch configuration (VLAN creation on switch,Switch port configuration for respective VLAN’s, Trunk port configuration on appropriate port.
b. Router configuration (Configure vlans with respective IP addresses, IP Routing Configuration, IP Helper-address configuration on router)
c.DHCP Server configuration (Screenshots for Scope creation for different network addresses.
8. Network Design Verification.

Report Format – PDF

Pages – 15

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