Network design proposal for casino

Project Scope

The project aims to design a network for a casino. The casino has 10 floors including the ground floor. The ground floor has a lobby area. Each floor also has a lobby area. There are 40 rooms in each floor, each of which has a network point to which the guest PC is connected. The casino network has two servers which are used by the staff. A high speed internet connection is available which is to be shared by the guest and staff network. There is a total of 25 staff in the casino based at the ground floor.
Network requirement

1. Network Topology diagram.
2. Identify the hardware required like routers, switches, access points (Cisco)
3. The network has to be segregated into guest and staff
4. The guest network should not have access to the staff network.
5. TCP/IP Network design and IP address table.
6. Configurations and features which are required to be configured on the devices.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirement
3. Hardware analysis
4. Topology diagram
5. Network design strategy
6. TCP/IP Network design
7. TCP/IP address table
8. TCP/IP Static IP addresses
9. DHCP Design and Scope
10. Router configuration (LAN, Default route, access control lists, IP Helper address )
11. Network solution explanation
12. Hardware quantity list

Report format – PDF

No of pages – 8

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