Network design proposal for Bank


A network proposal has to be developed for a bank. The bank has a main office , which is located in London, and has 5 branch offices located at Paris, California, India, Dubai and Qatar. The bank has an application server, which is used by it’s customers across the world for online transactions. All the branches have high speed internet connection. There are approximately 100 users in each of the branch offices and 200 users in the main office.

Network requirements.

1.Identify the hardware components required to setup the network for the Bank
2.High availability should be available to the application server, which is accessible using https protocol.
3.The application server should be setup in a secure manner with network and host level protection.
4.All traffic into the application server should be scanned for security attacks.
5.IP network design for the branch and main offices.
6.IP addressing range for users and hardware components.
7.The users at different locations should be able to access each other, including the application server.
8.Identify the features and methodology which would be followed to achieve the solution.
9.Network Topology diagram.

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Report Contents

Network requirements
Network requirement analysis
Hardware and software requirement analysis
Additional requirements
Features and Services (VLAN, ACL, Static NAT, Failover cluster)
Network Topology Diagram
Network Topology Diagram Explanation
IP Network design
IP address design
Network Design and configuration strategy
Hardware inventory list

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No of Pages – 7

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