Network design proposal for airport

Project Description

The project is to design a proposal for setting up a network in an airport. The airport has three departments.

1. Airport authority
2. Flight service providers
3. Guests.

The airport authority maintains a server which handles the flight management controls. The flight service providers should have access only to the specific server in the airport authority network and not to any other systems. The guest users should have wireless access to a high speed internet connection, which should be shared among all the users in all the departments.

The wireless access should be using a common password. The guest users should not have access to the other two departments. The users should obtain IP addresses automatically. The airport authority has 20 users, the flight service providers have 40 users and the maximum numbers of guests are estimated to be 100.

Networking Requirement.

1.The active networking components (Routers, switches, wireless access points etc) with quantity.
2.The IP network design for each department.
3.Creating and mapping IP networks with vlans.
4.Analysis, identification and explanation of methodologies to use for access restriction and internet sharing.
5.Dynamic IP addressing design for all the networks.
6.Identify the configuration and features, wherever appropriate, which is required on the active components to setup the network.
7.Network topology diagram.

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Report Contents

1. Introduction
2. Networking Requirement
3. Network Design strategy
4. VLAN and IP Network Design
5. Requirement analysis of active networking components (Routers, switches, access points, DHCP Server)
6. Network implementation plan
7. Network Topology Diagram
8. Network Configuration and guidelines
a. Switch configuration (VLAN, Trunking)
b. Router configuration (VLAN sub interface, Access lists)
c. DHCP configuration (Scope creation with screen shot)
d. Access point, server configuration guidelines.
9. Hardware inventory list.

Report Format – PDF

Page – 16

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