Network Design proposal for 5 star hotel

Abstract A network design proposal for a 5 star hotel with the following infrastructure and networking requirements.

Hotel Infrastructure

The hotel has 10 floors with 20 rooms in each floor
The hotel has a lobby area.
The hotel has a swimming pool area.
ADSL Internet is available for the hotel.

Networking Requirement

All the rooms should have computers installed.
The computers in all the rooms should have internet connection.
The swimming pool area and lobby should have wireless internet access.
The guests in the rooms should have free internet access.
The computers should have appropriate security software’s installed.
The hotel management staff and the guests should be on different networks.
There are 15 users on the hotel management who requires computers.
A hotel management server needs to be setup for the hotel management staff which should not be accessible by the guests.
The wireless access in the lobby and swimming pool area should be secure.

Report Contents

Hotel Infrastructure
Networking Requirement
Requirement Analysis
Network Design Strategy
Network Diagram
Network Diagram Explained
Recommended products
How to Setup the Network

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